Tuition & Fees

CBCC uses TADS online Tuition Management for tuition billing and management. You may choose to pay your tuition in one (1), two (2) or ten (10) installments as established in a separate tuition agreement on your TADS account.

Clara Barton Center for Children

Tuition and Fees

2024 – 2025 Academic Year

 Ten Installments (Due on 1st of Month beginning September 1, 2024)

Toucans & HummingbirdsUntil 12:30 pmUntil 3:30 pmUntil 6:00 pm
3 days per week$1,150$1,510$1,735
4 days per week$1,295$1,710$2,025
5 days per week$1,435$1,905$2,320
PuffinsUntil 12:30 pmUntil 3:30 pmUntil 6:00 pm
3 days per week$1,030$1,390$1,630
4 days per week$1,170$1,595$1,910
5 days per week$1,320$1,805$2,200
Cardinals & EaglesUntil 12:30 pmUntil 3:30 pmUntil 6:00 pm
5 days per week$1,320$1,805$2,200

Fees for Extra Care (with prior permission from the Executive Director or Assistant Director):

* [CBCC generally has full enrollment, so extra care may be possible only if a child is absent from a group.]

From 12:30-3:30 pm           $45/day

From 12:30-6:00 pm           $70

From 3:30-6:00 pm             $40

From 8:00-12:30 pm           $65

Annual Activity Fee:                                             $300 per child

Annual Financial Aid Assessment:                      $50 per child

Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable fee is required with each application. This fee may be waived for families applying for financial aid by contacting the Director by phone (301-320-4565) or in person.

Enrollment Deposits
Upon acceptance, a deposit equal to one tenth of the tuition is required to secure placement. This tuition deposit is applied to your child’s tuition for the final billing period of the academic year. The tuition deposit must be submitted by the date noted in the child’s acceptance letter.


Financial Aid Assessment
A fee of $50 per child, per year, is billed to families at the start of the school year. This fee, along with any fundraising income, supports the Center’s financial aid program.

Activity Fee Assessment
Our preschool activities challenge children to be creative and set the stage for life-long learning. Appropriate activities can build self-esteem and enthusiasm.

To continue providing these activities, including but not limited to music, creative movement and field trips, an annual activity fee of $300 per child is assessed. This assessment is billed at the start of the school year.

TADS Administrative Fee

TADS charges and annual administrative fee of between $40 and $55 depending on the payment plan that you choose. This fee is paid directly to TADS when you choose your payment plan.