Financial Aid

The Clara Barton Center for Children’s Board of Directors is committed to assisting families who demonstrate the need for financial assistance in order to meet the tuition obligation of the school. The Board’s goal is to be as generous as possible and to assist as many families as possible. The Financial Aid Committee evaluates need based on information supplied by parents, and it is understood that all information provided for the determination of financial aid is of an extremely personal nature. All information received is considered private and confidential by the Financial Aid Committee and is used solely for the purpose of determining eligibility and allotment of financial assistance.

To receive information on applying for financial aid, please check the appropriate space on the admissions Application form. Financial aid applications will be available on October 1 and should be completed and submitted online, along with completed tax returns and other required documentation, by February 1.

In addition, CBCC accepts State and local childcare scholarship stipends.