The CBCC Philosophy

At CBCC, we believe that each child is special and has an infinite capacity for growth. We also believe that play is children's work. At CBCC, children find joy in their work, excitement in learning, pleasure in friendships, and good feelings about themselves. Learning through play includes being curious, being flexible, handling differences, and thinking creatively. We provide a language-rich, socially nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to take risks, solve problems, and gain trust and confidence in their own abilities.

At CBCC we believe a large part of our job is to assist children with their evolving social and emotional development. We want children to gain competency in such skills as eating, dressing and cleaning up after themselves, believing that competency in these areas enhances the child’s ability to regulate his or her own behavior. We believe the experience of being part of a group fosters the development of meaningful social relationships with other children and adults. Children can learn to share, take turns, respect individual differences, and enjoy working together.

We believe that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. CBCC encourages parent involvement and attributes a significant part of its program’s success to the enthusiastic participation and support of parents. Involvement in the program enables parents to become familiar with the teachers, staff and classroom friends, as well as other parents.

At CBCC, we value our teachers as our greatest asset. They provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our children. We are committed to having teachers who practice a developmental approach that emphasizes age appropriate, hands-on experiences for children. We encourage creativity and leadership among our teachers.

CBCC is committed to meeting the needs of the community for high-quality, flexible childcare. We offer a variety of program and schedule options that meet the demands of today’s working families. We believe that parents need choices of full day, part day with extended hours, as well as half-day options to meet their work schedules. CBCC has a tradition of providing financial tuition assistance for families in need.


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