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Parents are strongly encouraged to tour the Clara Barton Center for Children prior to submitting an application. By visiting the Center, parents gain greater understanding of the Center’s preschool program and philosophy. Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted beginning October 2, 2017. We encourage you to visit our classrooms before submitting an application. Please view our tour schedule and then call (301) 320-4565 or e-mail deborah.duffy@clarabartoncenter.org to schedule a tour. 

Children entering the two-year old class (Toucans) must be two years old upon entry. Children entering the three to pre-kindergarten programs must be fully potty trained.

Clara Barton Center for Children admits children regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic background, or gender, and encourages diversity among its student body.

Preschool Programs
The Clara Barton Center for Children offers flexible programs designed to meet the variety of needs of the children and families in our community. The Clara Barton Center for Children offers part-time and full-time programs for the school year (September – mid-June). Two co-teachers teach each class.

Program Class Size Ratio
2 Year-Old Toucans 8-10 per day 1 Adult for every 3 children
2 ½ Year-Old Hummingbirds 10-12 per day
1 Adult for every 4 children
3 Year-Old Puffins 14-15 per day 1 Adult for every 7 children
4 Year-Old Cardinals & Eagles 16-17 per day 1 Adult for every 8 children

The Center also offers a Summer Camp program (mid-June – mid-August) that complements the school year. Part-time and full-time programs are offered each Summer Camp session. A separate registration is required for Summer Camp, beginning in February of each year.

Placement decisions are based on a number of factors, including age of the child, family childcare needs, prior school experience, and availability of space. The number of spaces available for enrollment is determined by the licensed capacity in each classroom. Priority consideration is given to children of staff, siblings of current students, siblings of former students, residents of Cabin John, and employees of Montgomery County Government, although we do not guarantee placement due to those considerations.

Class Composition
In all of our classes, we seek a distribution of morning preschool only and morning preschool plus extended day enrollments. The number of part-time and full-time enrollments available to incoming families is dependent on the needs of the Center’s continuing families, and, consequently, is determined following the placement of continuing children.

The Clara Barton Center for Children does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the admission of students, the employment of faculty and administration, or in the administration of its programs. The Center is committed to fostering and maintaining diversity in the socio-economic makeup of its student body. This commitment is reflected in the Center’s admission policies and its financial aid program for families in need.

The Clara Barton Center for Children attempts, but does not guarantee, to maintain an equal balance of boys and girls, as well as a developmental age span, in each classroom.

Attendance Requirement
Children in the Toucan, Hummingbird and Puffin classes may attend three, four or five days a week.  Children in the Cardinal and Eagle classes are required to attend five days a week. 

Children enrolled in the Toucan and Hummingbird classes do not need to be toilet trained at the time of entrance to these classes. Children enrolled in the Puffin, Cardinal and Eagle classes must be toilet trained at the time of entrance to these classes.


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